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rodents Sucks
    issue: gross (1 rants)

Racism Sucks
    issue: All people are the same and should all be treated equally (1 rants)

Revlon Hair Color Sucks
    issue: Quality (1 rants)

Representative Virginia Foxx Sucks
    issue: Fanatical Republican Ideologue (1 rants)

Rug Doctor Sucks
    issue: Ethics (1 rants)

Richard Figueroa Sucks
    issue: They just Suck (1 rants)

Roomba Sucks
    issue: Quality (2 rants)

really cutecom Sucks
    issue: Ethics (1 rants)

Rachel Getting Married Sucks
    issue: Quality (1 rants)

Revlon 2in1 Straightener and Curling Iron Sucks
    issue: Quality (1 rants)

RedBull Sucks
    issue: Ethics (1 rants)

Romanian president Basescu Sucks
    issue: Ethics (1 rants)

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